Dragon City Hotel

21 – 23 October 2024


Dear ISV Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that the International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Annual Congress returns to Asia, October 21-23, 2024 at the Dragon City Hotel, Seoul, Korea. The International Vaccine Institute (IVI), established by the United Nations Development Programme is partnering with ISV for this important event.

The 2024 ISV Annual Congress welcomes vaccinologists from all disciplines of human and veterinary prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination and immunotherapy. Participants come from every discipline, including basic research, development, regulatory issues, manufacturing, and epidemiology and from all sectors, whether academic, industrial, governmental or non-governmental institutions.

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2024 Congress Chairs

Joon Haeng Rhee

Chonnam National University Medical School, South Korea

Margaret Liu

ProTherImmune, USA
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Shan Lu

UMASS Chan Medical School, USA

Ken Ishii

University of Tokyo, Japan

Jerome Kim

IVI – South Korea

Invited Speakers

(more to be added)

Peter Lawaetz Andersen

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Alejandra Capozzo

UAI, Argentina

Nam-Hyuk Cho

Seoul National University

Brittany L. Hartwell

University of Minnesota, USA

Joseph Jardine

Scripps Research Institute

Ijoo Kwon

GeneOne, Korea
Andreas Holm Mattsson

Andreas Holm Mattsson

Evaxion, Denmark

Guanghui Ma

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Ziad Memish

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health

Dal-Hee Min

Lemonex/SNU, Korea

Nina Russell

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA

Yoshimasa Takahashi

National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan

Axel Timmermann

Pusan University, Korea

Birgit Weinberger

University of Innsbruck, Austria

2024 Scientific Committee


David Weiner, The Wistar Institute – USA

Alexander Bukreyev, University of Texas Medical Branch – USA
Kimberly Matheson, Sanofi Canada – Canada
Pervin Anklesaria, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – USA
Jason McLellan, University of Texas, Austin – USA
Neil Almond, MHRA – UK
Jacqueline Miller, Moderna – USA
Annaliesa Anderson, Pfizer – USA
Peter Openshaw, Imperial College – London
Danilo Casimiro, Aeras – USA
Clarisa, Palatnik de Sousa, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Hualan Chen, National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory – China
Sanjay Phogat, GSK – Italy
Zhiwei Chen, Hong Kong University – China

Punnee Pitisuttithum, Mahidol University-Thailand

Andrew Pollard, Oxford Vaccine Group – UK
Mark Connors, NIH – USA
Gi-eun Rhie, Vaccine Research Center KDCA/KNIH – South Korea
David Salisbury, UK Department of Health (and WHO) – UK
Maria Elena Botazzi, Baylor – USA
Ann Ginsberg, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – USA
Manki Song, IVI – South Korea
Hoon Kim, SK bioscience – South Korea
Frederic Tangy, Institut Pasteur – France
Baik Lin Seong, University – South Korea
Petro Terblanche, Afrigen Biologics & Vaccines – South Africa
Anna Lise, Williamson, University of Cape Town – South Africa
Karin Loré, Karolinska Institutet – Sweden
Kapil Maithal, Vaccine Technology Centre – India

ISV Annual Supporters

The International Society for Vaccines is an organization that engages, supports, and sustains the professional goals of a diverse membership in all areas relevant to vaccines and immunotherapeutics.  The ISV is a global not-for-profit organization that aims to encourage, establish, and promote the development and use of vaccines to prevent and control infectious and non-infectious diseases in animals and humans.
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