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Gary Kobinger

Professor, Université Laval and Director of the Centre de Recherche en Infectiologie

Dr. Gary Kobinger obtained his PhD magna cum laude from the University of Montreal was recruited by the Public Health Agency of Canada where he became Chief of the Special Pathogens Biosafety Level 4 program. He is now a Professor at the Université Laval and is Director of the Centre de Recherche en Infectiologie. He also holds appointments at the University of Manitoba and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kobinger supported the development the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine as well as the monoclonal antibody cocktail ZMapp which was advanced to treat Ebola virus infection, the first such antibody approach advanced for Ebola, thus helping to advance the MAb approach for EID in resource limited settings. His preclinical NHP work and service to WHO helped advance rVSV-ZEBOV, which is an important tool for control of Ebola. He also pioneered simple mobile diagnostic laboratories for field use for Ebola testing during outbreaks facilitating public health controls of outbreaks, and used these diagnostic tools in the current SARS-CoV2 outbreak in Canada. For this and other contributions he has been granted several awards including the 2015 scientist of the year award from Radio Canada (CBC), the Order of Manitoba and the Meritorious Service Cross (civil division) of the Governor General of Canada in 2016, and the Manning principal award in 2017. Dr. Kobinger has co-authored over 300 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, and has given numerous invited seminars in Universities, national and international funding agencies, departments of national defenses, the White House, and the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning research on high consequence pathogens and the development of new public health policies and recommendations. His work presently focuses on developing and testing new vaccine platforms and immune treatments against pathogens of high consequences to global public health.

Serving the international community, Gary sits on several committees such as the IHR roster of experts in Viral Haemorrhagic Fever, the WHO’s High Priority Pathogen advisory board, the STAG-IH advisory board to the Deputy Director-General and ad-hoc advisor to the SAGE committee. He has contributed to ISV meeting through speaking, helping to organize sessions, and providing speakers. In addition Dr. Kobinger serves on the ISV Board.

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