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Title:2016 ISV Annual Congress in Boston

After 9 years of successful collaboration on the organization of a highly respected international vaccine conference series, Elsevier and ISV have agreed to dissolve this partnership after the 9th Vaccine and ISV Congress in Seoul. ISV will move forward by organizing ISV’s own high quality non-commercial vaccine congress series in the future, with the same format and content, as we have done in the previous years. This will continue to provide a forum for ISV members and others in the fields of vaccines and immunotherapy to get together and share the most updated progress in the field of vaccines.

For previous Vaccine and ISV Annual Congresses, the ISV was fully responsible for the scientific organization of the meeting, including the selection of Scientific Committee members, selection of invited speakers, design of sessions including their chairs and speakers, review of submitted abstracts and selection of oral presentations. Elsevier mainly functioned as a partner in managing the business operations of these congresses while providing suggestions on certain speakers.

Therefore, it will be a relatively seamless transition for the future ISV Vaccine Congresses to maintain the same high-quality given ISV’s continued role as the scientific organizer. In addition, ISV will now be able to invite a wide range of publishers for vaccine-related journals and books, including Elsevier.

For 2016, the ISV has formed a transition team consisting of Dr. Margaret Liu serving as the Chair and Drs. David Weiner and Annie De Groot as Co-chairs. The transition team performed a careful analysis and selected Boston as the site of the 2016 Congress. They felt that Boston, with its numerous academic institutions, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies, will attract high-quality participants both locally and globally.

In addition, two well-established specialty vaccine conferences will also join the 2016 ISV Congress. Vaccine Renaissance 10 led by Dr. Annie De Groot, annually held in Providence, Rhode Island and the 2016 DNA Vaccine Conference, led by Dr. David Weiner and the International DNA Vaccine Society, which was held at various locations in previous years, will integrate with the 2016 ISV Congress. With inclusion of participants from these two conferences, it can be expected that the 2016 ISV Congress will be an extraordinary gathering for the global vaccine community.

Other regional vaccine groups such as the Japanese Society of Vaccines (JSV), the Korean Vaccine Society (KVS), and the newly formed ISV China branch will also join the conference as co-organizers for certain special sessions.

Over the last three years, about 35 leading vaccine scientists were elected as ISV Fellows. Some of them will attend the 2016 ISV Congress to provide a historical review and the future outlook of the global vaccine field.

Now that the ISV is the sole responsible party for organizing future congresses, it has more freedom to conduct fundraising activities, which could help provide special programs to support young vaccinologists, as well as scientists from developing countries.

As in the previous congresses, the 2016 ISV Congress will hold the annual ISV General meeting for members to review the performance of the Executive Board and ISV Officers, and provide feedback on the future development of ISV and the Annual Congress.

Every ISV member is invited to provide suggestions on how to organize the 2016 Congress. We will provide regular updates on the 2016 Congress in the coming month.

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