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By - Rebekah Schrepfer

Buckle up for a Mostly Sensible opinion of the Vaccine Wars. There are really few debates out there that have caused such an uproar and influenced decisions about such a personal part of our lives, namely, our children. There is so much to weed through in this debate of whether ‘To Vaccinate, or Not To Vaccinate’ your children. Since the Pro-Vaccine Movement seems to have gotten behind the Anti-Vaccine Movement in spreading their side of the issue on the Internet and social media, I wanted to just tell my point of view that vaccines are safe for the vast majority of our population, even necessary in this age of global travel, and why.

I’ve learned a lot from the reading that I’ve done. And given the deluge of information out there against the use of vaccines, I’m actually surprised to find myself on the Pro-Vax side of things. Before I was married, I did tend to lean toward the belief that all-natural is generally going to be better. Why take or eat something synthetic when natural can be just as effective (so they say). Keep things the way God created them to be. Quit messing with “nature.” And given all the stories out there and campaigns to discourage folks from vaccinating their kids, I was open to the idea of not vaccinating my own children when the time came. After all, I had taken advantage of some homeopathic treatments before with some success.

But being the Mostly Sensible person I am, I didn’t want to take anything at face-value, and I determined to find out more about the issue. Having been vaccinated myself, my husband as well, without problems it seemed reasonable to let my children be vaccinated. I did opt out of the optional vaccines, and I also did a bit of research into the MMR vaccine and the autism scare before those were given to my kids. Being confident that the vaccine was safe as you’ll see below, I did not opt out of that one. That was the beginning of my skepticism in the Anti-Vax Movement. So I did some more reading.

Admittedly, I have not delved too deeply into the plethora of materials available. That would be a full-time job! But what I have learned, has led me to be very confident that immunizations are safe, and the benefits outweigh the relatively small risks. I hope you will see what I mean. Here are the reasons why my children are immunized.