The International Society for Vaccines is an organization that engages, supports, and sustains the professional goals of a diverse membership in all areas relevant to vaccines - 2020 ISV Annual Congress

8th Global Vaccine Congress

Scientific Committee:

Adolfo García-Sastre, USA, Co-Chair

Ted Ross, USA, Co-Chair

Lorne Babiuk, Unviersity of Alberta, Canada

Bob Chen, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

Annie De Groot, Epivax, Inc., USA

Jose Esparza, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA

Stephen Hoffman, Sanaria Inc., USA

Ken Ishii, National Institute of Biomedical Innovation and Osaka University, Japan

Stefan H.E. Kaufmann, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Germany

Margaret Liu, ProTherImmune, Sweden

Shan Lu, University of Massachusetts, USA

Anton Middelberg, University of Queensland, Australia

Polly Roy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

Olaf Schneewind, University of Chicago, USA

Matthias Schnell, Thomas Jefferson University, USA

David Weiner, University of Pennsylvania, USA

8th Vaccine and ISV Congress Poster Programme

8th Vaccine and ISV Congress Oral Programme